Monday, August 3, 2009


We continued working on the main foundry building.  It is built from .060 styrene with an overlay of .040 corrugated siding.  I took a page from Dean Freytag and used some .080 strip to create a foundation around the perimeter of the structure.  To add some interest, and probably add numerous hours of build time to this, we are leaving part of the rear of the structure near the scrap dock open and a larger section of the front of the building open.  The front opening will basically depict the lower parts of the cupola(s), the turntable (more on this in a later blog) and some other details if we have time.   Essentially the pipe casting building was attached to the cupola building.  We are representing just the start of this structure and the processes therein.  At a later time we might perhaps model this building as an add-on to the module.   

 On the second picture you can see some of the lamination work underway of the .040 corrugated siding.  You can also see the railroad tunnel in the structure.  This obviously is not prototype and is just done to enable us to fit the structure on a 2' wide module (the limit of our transport ability to North Carolina).   Two things however, there was a smaller tunnel on the US Pipe cupola building in Alabama for truck traffic, and where we have positioned the tunnel would not interfere with any of the inner workings of the prototype structure.  

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