Saturday, September 7, 2013


The roof truss thing was getting a bit boring - three done,  one full one and a few partials left to go , so I started constructing the louvered structure that enclosed the upper portion of the blast furnace.    The verticals are 3/16" square tubes for the corners, and 3/16"x1/8" solid strip for the intermediates.  The bottom horizontal is a 3/16" H-Column and the louvers are 1/4" Zee 
For the most part the louvers are equal, in three sections on each side, except for the right side in this picture.  This side has the bell lifting cylinders and cables in a small structure cantilevered off the louvered assembly.  The center section is left open for this.  

Trip to the hobby store on friday - that pile is $100 worth of Plastruct and Evergreen styrene shapes - should have kitbashed
Side view of louvered structure.  You can see the opening for the bell lifting machinery housing in the center open section.  This will be built shortly.   

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