Sunday, March 14, 2010

Narrow Gauge - Part 9

After priming the loco I added some brass grab irons and rails - nothing fancy, just some basic implements where they would be needed.  A coat of grey primer got things ready for paint.  
Working on the future narrow gauge fleet at the same time, a RTV mold was made of my Raritan Steel "Universal Narrow Gauge Car"   This car is adaptable to two primary purposes - carrying ingots as is, and with the addition of three small pieces of angle and some nbw castings, scrap tubs.   I will also probably make a version to carry small ladles and maybe some other versions.    The cars are very inexpensive to mass produce - they use about 2ml of resin.  They are designed for the Atlas N-scale truck/coupler combo and can be fitted with a small weight on the underside, although the plan is to use the vessels being carried as the weight, or to at least hide weight.  With the Atlas couplers and trucks it should be pretty easy to realistically operate the narrow gauge portion of my layout with strategically placed uncoupling ramps.  

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