Wednesday, December 16, 2009


With the work on the ore transfer car mostly complete I started thinking about getting back to the highline so it would have somewhere to run.   As I think I stated in the past, the construction is pretty straightforward, it just is repetitive.  I can cut out the parts for and build, maybe four bins in a night.  At this point I have built 18 bins.  Because of my continued issues with styrene warpage I am going to build the highline in three sections of 20 bins each - so you can see, I have my work cut out for me.  I will also need to build a short spur at the one end for the boiler house (to deliver coal to if needed)  and a bridge at the other section.


Anonymous said...


Wow is all I can say! Your scratch building is a thing of beauty. ou must have a large credit account with Evergreen for the all the styrene you use!

Rob W from the yahoo and sites

Anonymous said...

How thick is the styrene you are using? Have you tried .060???
That should be good without warpage,although you might need add'l. bracing.

Vince Altiere

Jim Musser said...

Thanks Rob.

Vince - I am using .040 for everything except the obvious structural shapes. I probably should have and could easily have used .060 except for the additional cost. What I think is happening with the bins are the open tops move differently than the lower portions that are all closed in - just slightly, but over ten bins, enough to lift the ends a bit. I will be able to easily flatten when I permanently install the bins.