Monday, August 17, 2009


Water tower is pretty much finished.  Vac-formed the top and added a .030 disk inside to make it a bit stronger and used .040x.040 styrene to create a thicker edge and a lip. I added a bunch of ladders from the Central Valley sprues, and .035 styrene rod x bracing.  The railing is the usual .030 square posts with .020x.040 rails.   I also added a tube representing the fill tube on the back of the structure.   I have to do a little clean up filling and sanding and this should be ready to head to the paint shop - the overall structure is white, with a blue roof and bottom and a red sign on the main portion.   I'm pretty happy with the results - not perfect - but for a few hours of work and parts mostly from the scrap box it's much better than the usual miniature tanks.    I was looking at the picture of the Roebling Steel water towers - they had two - essentially the same body but much higher.  I think for the layout water towers I will make the legs much longer.   I've included a prototype photo so you can get an idea of what I was striving for.
We need some modern vehicles for the module - primarily loaders and trucks.  I picked up an older Walther's loader kit and Jimmy put it together this afternoon.  He made his papa proud - no glue smudges or sprue pieces and it even works well.  Any of you that have built these vehicle kits, either Walthers, or Kibri, ...etc. , know how difficult they are - lots of little parts - poor instructions - and half the parts you can't get glue on and the other half you can.  He is becoming an outstanding modeler.   We are going to leave it the factory molded colors and just add some small details like the hydraulic arms in silver and then weather the overall vehicle.
The final picture is of the vac-formed exhaust hoods for the two cupolas - formed from .040 styrene.  

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