Wednesday, August 12, 2009


A brief update on the Pipe Foundry - 
Cupola building is built and walls have corrugated siding applied.  I've started the work on the roof.   I've used up most of my corrugated material, which isn't cheap.  Need to get some more.
I wasn't satisfied with the top of the collector house silo.  The grain elevator assembly that I'd used seemed too big so I cut things down a little.  I've added the secondary hopper/silo thing on the roof and also some of the stairs and walkways.  I have a game plan with this, just need to put the work in to finish it.  
I've started adding the leg framework to the cupola baghouse.  Once I finish with the frame and side it with corrugated material, Jimmy is going to add the many details to this structure.

Initial work was also done on the water tower.  We are planing on building the module benchwork this weekend.  I also need to have a blitz of wood turning, vac-forming, and general modeling in the need few days/weekend.  As of today we are three weeks exactly from leaving for North Carolina.  By monday I hope to have a pretty good handle on what's left to do and how we are going to finish.  

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