Sunday, July 19, 2009


Another side project is to build a quencher loco for the coke works.  Originally we were going to use an EMD Model 40 critter, but it isn't high enough or protected enough as the prototypes are.  We might have used the excellent mechanism and DCC board but since they don't make it anymore and it is out of production we figured on keeping it for something else.  So, we have a few of the older Bachmann 44 Tonners with the separate motors that we have been dreading installing DCC on so we took the power truck off the one and are using that.  The wheel base is 7' and the plans we are using call for a 8', so we are a little off there.  Speaking of the plans,  I am using set found on David Ayers site - see my links.  The plans date from the 1970s so it might be a bit more modern than my 1950s layout, but I'm hoping that technology didn't change a whole lot and this type will look prototypical.  If I find otherwise, I have three more power trucks left.

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