Saturday, July 11, 2009


The roof trusses for the casthouse on A-Furnace seamed like a simple enough affair -  and they were - but just the one took a good amount of time to build.   I'm not sure how many individual pieces there are, but it seamed like a lot.  I think I went through a whole bag of Plastruct 3/32 angle and another of 1/16 angle.  The smaller is for all the inner truss members.   I used .020 styrene of various sizes as the gusset plates.  Basically I built up one side with the plates and then flipped it and added the structural pieces to the other side.   I am going to use this assembly to build a jig, not so much to speed things up, but rather to keep all the trusses consistent.  I need to make a total of 6 I believe.  Ugh.   

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