Thursday, July 16, 2009


Besides the modeling I've been doing, I took some time to get some of the wiring up and running on my layout.  Basically, large sections have been down since switching over to an NCE DCC system, so I connected most of what I could at this point (about 15% is still down and another 30% remains to even be built. )   My son has been eager to run some trains. The main and other sections still need a bunch more feeders, in fact, the only section that has complete feeders per NCE is the port section, and this is only because my son spent a good amount of time soldering in feeders, crimping on connectors and attaching the whole thing to terminal blocks.   Some of his track solder joints need a little filing, but he is getting better and we all have to start somewhere.  

Right now the whole mess takes up a small shelf unit and some of the surrounding environs.  This is poor planing on my part as with the addition of many more automatic switches, computer controls, lighting,...etc we will run out of room there.  Right now I have a NCE DCC base station with a Magma Force Power supply.  Also in the mix are a MRC reverser for the wye by the blast furnaces and a Digitrax four function accessory decoder. 
Finally we only had one throttle panel so we added another four.  Again, this was a team effort.  We used the UTP panels from Tony's Train XChange.        

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