Wednesday, July 15, 2009


With the two buildings assembled and bashed together I bricked in four of the lower windows on one side using styrene and Plastruct brick sheet.  I fabricated and installed four 1/2" elbows in these bricked up openings and terminated them in a horizontal 1/2" tube that will be the cold blast main.    I was on the fence about doing the piping as a separate sub-assembly and painting everything before putting it together, but I felt that keeping the alignment of the pipes would be easier without worrying about ruining a paint job with glue.  Besides, the pipes are pretty easy to paint in place if they aren't actually touching the wall.  

I've included a picture of all the spare parts left over from the two kits used for this building.  Quite a deal for $32 a kit.  Compare that to the $167 Walthers Blowing Engine house.   The tanks and distillation towers, if that is what they are, that I have left over, are a very poor representation of actual prototype practice.   They might work as horizontal tanks for my chemical factory in the port area.   

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