Sunday, June 7, 2009


The platforms on the waste gas burner stack are octagon which makes for some interest as most of the other platforms I've seen at Bethlehem or elsewhere that are on a circular structure are usually circular themselves.   There are four of these small platforms and then another rectangular platform on top of the large diameter piping, as well as a smaller rectangular platform just above ground level.  All these platforms are either directly connected or connected by caged ladders.   The platforms were built using .030 sheet styrene with .060x.060 framing underneath.   I prefer the Plastruct caged ladders, although they are expensive.  Some of the other makes have finer detailing, but the Plastruct units are easier to assemble and a little sturdier under handling.    As you can see from the photo I also built the burner top also.  This was a bit difficult.  First I built a subassembly using a 1" piece of 3/4" Plastruct tubing and two rings of decreasing diameters but both with 5/8" holes.  Then I cut the sheet metal housing from .010 sheet styrene - neither of my circle cutters would extend two the two diameters I needed - 4.25" and 6" so I rigged a temporary cutter using a scrap of balsa and an Exacto blade - it worked great.  (You can see this in the one photo)  I wrapped the subassembly with this radius cutout and sanded and filled the seam.  The finished piece just slides onto the 5/8" dowel stack.  

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boxcarmj said...

How tall is your waste stack? Also are you building full size HO scale ( no compression)? Thank-you Mike