Saturday, June 6, 2009


This structure is located just next to the A-Furnace casthouse.  It is connected to the waste gas main from the A-Furnace gas washer.  I used .080 plastic as a small foundation and fabricated the piping using wood dowels.   This is just the basic piping - I need to add platforms, ladders and the cone shaped top.    The burner itself is 5/8" dowel and the connecting pipe is 3/8".  The remainder of the piping is 1" for the waste gas main - the pipe going up and then turning will attach to the gas washer for A-Furnace, while the pipe going on a slight angle toward the left will connect to the gas washer of B-Furnace.   You can see the  burner in the prototype photo - it is the tall thin tower toward the right of the photo - it has partially been demolished and is missing the top and one platform.

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