Saturday, June 13, 2009


The prospect of a rainy saturday gave me an excuse not to be outside painting my house and instead run up to the Lehigh Valley for some picture taking.  We stopped in Easton briefly and then looped up through cement country, taking some pictures of abandoned portland cement plants.  Driving over the bridge into the midst of the former Bethlehem Steel plant it was amazing how much has changed in a year or so since my last visit.   The new casino building is where the ore yard was, but the use of one of the former ore bridges for the Sands sign was nice.  We didn't go inside to gamble, in fact, the closest we got was into the parking garage to see if there were any decent photography opportunities from the upper levels.  The rain put a bit of a damper on things but we found the best photos to be had from the staff parking lot located between the high line and the river.  I was able to walk right up to Heat Treatment #3 and take all the pictures I wanted.  If the plant was still standing it would have been impossible to get some of these shots actually.  From this lot you can also photograph the highline, Machine Shop #2, E Furnace and blast furnace row, and a few other things.  We looped around to the other side of the plant  to take pictures of A-Furnace.  In the past I have parked on the public road there and walked up the chain link fence to take pictures.  Today, however, I was chased away by a rent-a-cop and told I could only take pictures from the sidewalk.  I guess they are concerned about me tripping over some weeds or something.  If that is indeed the policy there they should have put the fence and the no-trespassing signs along the sidewalk I would think.  Anyway, by that time it was pouring and I couldn't take anything worthwhile.  

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