Saturday, June 20, 2009


Worked on the stove complex today.  I allowed the silicone mold of the top section to dry overnight.  It is a one part mold and in hindsight I used way too much expensive RTV in making it.  I could probably knock someone out with the finished chunk of rubber.  The only problem was in removing the master from the mold the section that extended into the top making a recess for the stack broke off.  At first I was a bit upset but after casting I realized that this might have been a weak spot prone to deform and possibly make it difficult to insert the stacks.   I still used a recess but I just marked the center of the casting and drilled the hole on the drill press.   The stacks are 5/8" Plastruct tubing.   I also cut out the platform that runs between the tops out of .030.  I will need to frame this with .060 square stock but for now I just placed it on top to check the alignment.   This platform was cut from a single sheet of .030 styrene - its not hard if you just take your time to mark everything out and then score the lines using an Xacto and circle cutter.

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