Friday, June 19, 2009


I revisited the stove tops last night and tonight.  Originally I had started inserting .050 rivets individually into the wood master but they looked way too big, especially for HO scale, so I scraped them off and filled the holes.  It seamed to plain without any detailing so I opted for my method used on b furnace the application of styrene rivet strips that I made using .010 styrene and a pounce wheel.  I'm only moderately happy with the results and will have to see how the individual pieces come out before passing absolute judgement.    I built a mold box and glued in the master, coated it with release, and poured in a RTV silicone material from a two-part mix.  In hindsight I should have made a round form for the mold or clipped the corners as it ended up using a lot of material - almost 32 ounces.    Tomorrow I'll strip the master from the mold and try a resin casting to see how I like it.  

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