Thursday, June 18, 2009


Over the last few days I've made some good progress on A-Furnace.  I've returned to the casthouse proper, working on two fronts.  First, I fabricated all 18 tuyeres, attached them to the bustle pipe and then installed the whole thing on the furnace stack.  Before doing this I made sure to fabricate and install the ring beam (not sure if that is the technical term) that supports the furnace stack.  For whatever reason the six h-columns that support the furnace didn't sit at the proper angle.  I must be slightly off with one measurement or another, probably with the exact shape of the tuyeres.  After looking at these pictures I'm not happy with how it looks and plan on pushing the tops in a bit to give it a slight angle.  
The second front that I started to tackle is the actual framework of the casthouse.  I built some of the main columns and installed, along with the crane beam and the trusses between the posts. 
I'm starting to feel that I might actually finish A-Furnace by the end of the year.  There are two items that will be the most challenging left to finish - the top works, specifically the piping, and the hot blast piping, both primarily due to the complicated angles the pipes need to follow.  The other piping, like the cold blast lines, the precipitator lines,..etc  are difficult but it's just a matter of careful cutting and fitting.   

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