Monday, January 28, 2019


I came upon a good resource for steel mill modelers, especially for those modeling the transition era like I am.  

William Gaughan Collection - Historic Pittsburgh

It's about 600 photos, mostly of the US Steel Homestead Works, and their associated, Carrie Furnaces.    The subject matter ranges from people photos, wartime events,  buildings, processes, equipment, a few aerial photos, ..etc..   Something for everyone.

It did solve one mystery for me.  When I had a tour of the Carrie Works six or seven years ago, I asked the guide, who had worked in the blast furnace department there, when they switched from the open top hot metal cars to the submarine or torpedo type.  He thought the mid 60s.    There is a classic railfan photo of a string of open top, Kling type 50 ton hot metal cars being pulled across the hot metal bridge while I think it's a B&O train moving under the bridge.   Based on the F units I figured it was a 1950s photo.   According to this photo collection, the first submarine car was put in service in 1958 at Homestead/Carrie.   Photo of the inaugural pour at the open hearth.

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