Sunday, August 11, 2013

C-FURNACE - Part 1

With the demise of our Free-Mo modules, I found a spot out our basement layout for Jimmy's Walther Blast Furnace - Now, Raritan Steel C-Furnace.    There was no room left for it at the lower works, but I was able to find room for it in the  State Street Works, along with the Electric Melt Shop/Steel Foundry and a rolling mill.   The smallish nature of the newer (than a and b) blast furnace was a mystery to mill workers until it became known that it was to be used for the production of Ferromanganese.  The ferro made here will be used within Raritan Steel's Perth Amboy Facility, along with their other mills in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.    Work will start soon on the associated Ferro gas washing plant and the ferro processing and loading facility.   The company shops have also began designing the special "hot metal" cars for Ferro - refractory lined gondolas.    The blast furnace Jimmy built for the Free-mo module used a conveyor type materials delivery system.  Since we are back dating the furnace to the 1950's I've built the skip hoist and high-line that came with the original kit, with a few modifications.     I've added some styrene angle to the skip hoist and I've bricked in the visible side of the high-line.  Simple ore bins were added to the high-line so you weren't looking down on the benchwork.

The primitive ore and coke bins were just made from some .060 styrene sheet
Wish I was in Cleveland,....    For those of you tuning in to see photos of the Steel Mill Modelers Convention in Cleveland, well, I never made it.   Work has been hectic and I waited until the last minute to register at the hotel and by the time I got to it, there were no rooms left.  I started to work on find an alternative hotel to stay at, but then a nice potential job came up that I had to meet an architect at on friday, so,....     As I'd promised my wife a weekend get away, we did an short overnight trip to an inn at St Michaels, Maryland.   Show here is the marine railway and boat shops at the maritime museum.

Driveway  to the  Maritime Museum.  Nice way to display a historic draw bridge

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