Tuesday, June 4, 2013


The plant is mostly gone, but the US Pipe GE 45 tonner sits as a lonely sentinel, I guess retained incase they ever decide to ship pipe from the Alabama plant by rail.    This little engine that could used to spend all day shuffling gons full of scrap, and hoppers of coke and limestone about.    The cupola furnaces were located just behind the single story structure in the background.
Down the street from my house on Monday - TTX flat with a heavy fabricated H-Column load.    There was also a CSX coil car a few cars down the train.    Except for a large paper processing plant in the next town over, all the freight on this train is destined for my home town, Hainesport, also the end of the line.  6-25 car trains five days a week - nice mix of cars - refers, boxcars, flats, pulpwood type flats, gons (rebar), high side gons (trash), skelton flats (containerized flats) , center bean bulkhead flats, and coil cars.   Ironically, no tank cars or covered hoppers, as all the trains headed south out of Camden are virtually all covered hoppers and tank cars, newly including, unit tank trains of crude oil from the shale oil deposits out west.    South Jersey is sort of unique in that there are no through trains - all the lines out of Camden terminate eventually, except for the old Camden and Amboy from Camden to Bordentown, which is light rail during the day and a few freight customers at night.  


Mike McNamara said...

Did not realize the Camden-Mt. Holly operation was 5 days a week. I have caught the train a few Thursdays while passing by. Check out my 7/18 post at http://mainecentral.blogspot.com to see an effect I tried out shooting that train.

Hope you are doing well and work is underway on the new Free-mo modules. Planning to have some modules at the January NJ Division Meet in Haddon Twp. in case you are interested. Just trying to get everyone who has a module in any state in our area to bring them out for kind of a status report.

Saw that you donated some of the steel mill buildings to Rick B. Will be neat to see them in their new home!

~ Mike Mc.

Mike McNamara said...

* by state I mean "state of completion"