Saturday, May 25, 2013

Train Fix - Inspiration

Delivering Iron Ore to HARSCO, running the  P-7 Ore Drag.  The train was loaded at the Philadelphia docks - half the cars were left at the Harrisburg, PA HARSCO plant shown here, the other half destined for Pittsburgh.  Three six-axle Alco Century units pulled this heavy train.      It was part of a much needed train fix last night at Rick Bickmore's Harrisburg Terminal Layout.   I spent most the night running through freights, ore drags, and one local freight.   The latter I screwed up slightly by missing three pickups/set outs at McClay Street and heading straight to Capital Street, where the majority of the trains work was.   The McClay Street work was an easy trailing point siding when heading eastbound, but switching it on my westbound return run to the Division Street Yard, I had to tie up both mains to run around the train, much to the ire of the Harris Tower Dispatcher and three other train operators.   I managed to get the work done and pull of the main into the Division Street Yard just in time for the Trailer Train Hot Shot.    Running trains last night has actually inspired me enough to head downstairs as soon as I post this and work on some projects.

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