Sunday, May 26, 2013


We broke up and threw out our four Free-mo modules today.  Sad, but we are going in a different direction in terms of Free-mo.  Eventually we plan on each building a new, smaller module, with a single smaller industry as the focal point.      The modules had become too bulky to store, transport, and set up.  The only time hauling them was worthwhile  for us was to a Steel Mill Meet or Timonium - both multi day events.    A larger problem, however, was that because of our storage situation, it was hard to pull a module out between shows to work on, and even then, the module could only be set up outside.  100% of the work on these four modules occurred in the week before a show, sometimes in February on our front porch.    Our hope is that a smaller module will be easier to set up inside somewhere and leave set up to work on for a greater length of time.    In hindsight I should have tried to sell or give away these modules - I thought I would be able to salvage the trackwork and reuse on my permanent layout or on the new modules, however, I was only able to recover about 25% of the turnouts and track.  The caulk that I had used to install the track was impossible to break down with water and using a putty knife to gently separate the delicate track didn't work well.   Amazing tenacity for inexpensive latex caulk.  


Clarence Guenther said...

The club I belonged to in Chicago owned two trailers that we stored almost all the modules in. The trailers lived on a farm in southern Wisconsin. Very convenient to transport (if you could find somebody to pull it) but a PITA to maintain modules if needed. I think you've made the right decision here.

I hope to see yours and Jimmy's work sometime in the future.

Anonymous said...

Our club has one of those trailers, now. Not really pertinent, but it was a coincidence that I stumbled across this post