Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A-FURNACE - Part 40

Trying to get back to my regimen of model railroading.  Since spraying the track in the blast furnace area, I have a whole new area to scenic.  The past few nights have consisted of installing one or two ground throws (not as easy as it sounds as most of the throws are on the edge of the layout, connected to the turnouts using styrene tubing and steel wire) - then ballasting or ground foam on a section, usually one or two bottles of thinned glue - finally working the rest of the evening on the A-Furnace stoves.   Lately, the work has focused on the upper clean-out access platforms and the upper walkway railings.

Four stoves - four upper platforms per stove - endless.   Out of the 16 I have  11 complete - 3 that are just platforms only  (no railings or supports) - and 2 that have to be installed.  The work left will have to wait until I turn the stoves around, only when I'm done everything on the current side.  Lots to complete still - three or four hot blast valves - two trolley cranes - mixer valve platform - upper walkway railings and bracing - chimney valves - etc....  You get the picture.  

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Mike McNamara said...

I have been trying to run my ground throws to the layout edge too. Using brass or aluminum tubing, but had not considered styrene. Will have to try that too, especially when passing under other tracks to prevent a short.

~ Mike Mc.