Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I'm not sure if other steel companies did it, but Bethlehem Steel added air cleaning systems for their blast furnace cast houses at the Bethlehem Plant and the Johnstown Plant - that I know of - perhaps Sparrows Point and Burns Harbor did the same.
Piping for air cleaning system for casthouse.  Installed in early 1970's  I think this is Bethlehem B or C furnace.

This would be an interesting feature to add to your "modern era" blast furnace models.  At Bethlehem, there were squarish ducts protruding horizontally from near the peaks of the cast house roofs.  This duct quickly transitioned into a large round pipe.  These pipes connected to a "main" of sorts, that ran parallel to blast furnace row, along with the dirty and clean gas mains.  I'd always thought that there were too many pipes, but only recently realized why.   The main is an 8-10' diameter pipe, easily modeled using 1" or 1 1/8" Plastruct tubing.
You can see the portion of piping on the cast house roof of E-Furnace.  Also note the large diameter pipe to the right.

Eventually, one would assume, this main pipe connected to a large bag house.  There was a large baghouse at Bethlehem, located between the city street on the south side of the plant and the Electric Melt Shop.  This baghouse had three railroad tracks under it to spot hoppers or mill gons to haul the dust.  There was a posting a few years bag on the Steel Industry Forum with photos of the construction of this baghouse.   The description with the photos was that the baghouse was built solely to clean the air in the Electric Melt Shop.  I'm not sure that this baghouse wasn't also used for the blast furnace cast houses too, as it looks too big for just five EAFs, but I can't find a connecting pipe in any photos.

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