Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Art of Compromise

New Hope and Ivyland Steampot
This is a railfan post of sorts.   Model railroading and my interest in railroading isn't something I developed later in life, so for my wife of almost 25 years she has never known me sans trains.  I like to say I broke her in early on, with dates 29 years ago in my basement mixing plaster for scenery.  I know, what a guy, or more likely, what a jerk.  I also have always realized that she is a good sport, so long as there is something in it for her, namely shoes or handbags.   So, we find weekend road trips are fun for both of us, so long as it's a mix of shopping and trains/industry.  This is easier to arrange than you probably think.

A good example is a recent saturday jaunt to Bucks County, PA.   The itinerary of sorts:

Shopping in New Hope - I watch New Hope and Ivyland Steam train while Glori is in a store
Belgium Waffles for lunch - yummy
More shopping in New Hope
Nice drive up the Delaware River
Hiking in Tohickon Creek Park (Have to do something about those waffles)
Shopping in Stockton, NJ
Shopping at the Outlet Stores in Flemington, NJ - I watch Black River and Western diesel and take pictures of an old rail mounted American Crane in the weeds.
Dunkin Donuts coffee - yum
Head home.
Railfaning while Glori is in the Nine West Outlet Store a few hundred feet away

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Steve Watson said...

My wife and I did cab rides (one for each of us) on the NH&I two years ago. I youtube'd it here:

That was after visiting the Northlandz exhibit, and part of a week camping at Delaware Water Gap that included a diesel excursion into Scranton and back for special events at Steamtown NHS. No need for compromise in this marriage -- she likes trains about as much as I do.