Tuesday, October 23, 2012


A short paper entry,....

I'm thinking about using my paper Scale Scenes container crane on one of my Free-mo modules - a partial container yard of sorts.   Plastic HO containers are available, but for the quantity needed to make a container facility look real, it would get costly.  It can be done using paper for much less.   Scale Scenes have files available for 20-40 containers in a dozen or so company names.  Assuming the paper is pre glued to the right mat board backers, the actual cut out and assembly takes about 15 min.  I am out of UHU glue sticks so I used white glue instead - the result was ok, but the roof warped a little from the water content of the glue no doubt.  What's involved,....
All the components for one 40' container.  The thicker mat board has been laminated with  several of the printed parts - shown on white (white pieces)  These pieces will form the core of the container.  The three long parts in the center of the photo are the two sides, wrapped around a medium sized piece of cardboard - on is the sub roof and the others are the sides.  
End wall and roof wraps have been done - ready for assembly
FInal product - definitely convincing from a few feet away

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