Monday, August 13, 2012


It only took about four years, but I've actually started to throw down some scenery.  All thanks to a bunch of folks stopping by at the end of the month for the Steel Mill Modelers Meet, and inspiration and advice from local steel mill model railroader, Rick Bickmore.  
Tracks in rear are eastbound and westbound mainlines, track just behind tanks is the Coke Works Branch,  track that tank car is on is siding for by-products, and track in foreground is the Blast Furnace Branch

Far from complete, but will give you an idea the direction that I'm heading.  Still need to do some infill around the structures and more vegetation here and there.   The single thing that makes this actually fairly fun is the use of grout for the track ballast, roads, and industrial lots.  Rick pioneered this technique and it is well documented on his thread on Railroad Line Forums - see links on this page.   In my opinion the type of grout makes a difference - Laticrete SpectraLOCK StainPROOF Grout - PART C.    This grout is a multipart epoxy grout - PART C is specifically the Color Powder.   Unlike regular grout which hardens when you mix it with water or a latex solution, PART C has no portland cement in it, so it needs to be secured using traditional scenery techniques.  Per Rick's technique, a spray of alcohol, followed by the application of thinned white glue.   In these photos, the road is grout, in the color Raven, the branch lines, sidings, and coke works property is Midnight Black with a smattering of Natural Grey and Hemp mixed in.  For the two mainline tracks I use Midnight Black with a much higher proportion of Grey and Hemp.
More detail to add - Coke Works Branch and Main enter the backdrop in rear through that unsightly hole.  I'm working on some structures and piping to finish the opening.

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