Sunday, July 8, 2012


Some more work on coal bunker....

Finish adding vertical .060x.100 strips to lower sides of bunker and also added detail to the  large  horizontal beams that support the bunker.  Also did some more work on the roof panels and also scribed them.

On the ovens I started to add the vertical steel framing between each oven.  I'm using HO scale 6x8 styrene strips and .015x.100  strips for the face to give the appearance of a steel I beam partially imbedded in the masonry structure.   The space between will be filled with a resin cast door, once I make the master and start casting the doors.  I'll need the 65 doors for the ovens plus 5 or 6 more as there was spare door storage along the guide car track, just to the left of the ovens.

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