Saturday, July 7, 2012


We left off with the roof structure of the coal bunker.   Continuing, I added the substructure for the body of the bunker using .040 styrene and plenty of bracing.  The end walls were pretty straightforward but the side walls have an lower section that cants in on a slight angle.

Next I added the legs using 5/16" I-bean material from Plastruct.  I always use Plastruct over Evergreen shapes when the structural member will be carrying weight (the bunker) .  Evergreen are finer in their appearance but the slightly thicker Plastruct will not deform under a load.  I added some minimal cross bracing for now in the form of 3/16" I-beams.

The ribbing on the sides were made from .060x.100 strip styrene.  Additionally, large steel beams were made from sheet styrene and .040x.156 strip and added to the lower angled sections.  Finally, the roof was added using Evergreen .040 corrugated siding.

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