Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Still minimal time for model railroading, but I was looking at my last post and realized that I never included a photo of the Dorr with a layer of clear resin on top.  I should have probably used Environtex or something designed for creating water effects, but used my clear casting resin.   It has a super fast set up time and is even quicker with the more of it in one cast.  Mostly worked out ok, but there is one large bubble that hardened in place, I might try filling that with a bit more of the material.  Despite the disaster with the plaster and the bubble I'm about 75% happy with the results on the inside.  That being said I don't really have a frame of reference of what these things are supposed to look like in operation. All my reference photos where of mostly empty, defunct Dorr thickeners.

Someone was asking me about what was the exact prototype that I used.  I'm pretty sure the HAER photos were from USS Duquesne.  I used elements from other images too.  Despite it's finished appearance this thread will continue as I still need to add an overflow pipe and also will continue with the construction of the filter cake house.

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