Saturday, June 30, 2012


Moving forward with the coke oven project, I'm attacking modeling the structure on multiple fronts.  Most of the wood substructure outlined in Part 1 will be covered in styrene.  This hasn't worked out the best for me in the paste, however, I think the failure of some of those attempts was related to the adhesives used.  On this model I'm using epoxy.  Epoxy retains some flexibility, while bonding dissimilar items real well.  It's also doesn't have any solvents in it that affect plastic, as far as I can tell.
Laminating the substructure with brick sheet and sheet styrene
The tops of the ovens are getting covered with JTT styrene brick sheet.  This is similar to the Plastruct brick sheet, but less expensive.  With these thin brick sheets you need to take up the time to true up the edges.  Also be conscious of staggering the brick courses when joining two pieces.  The oven side is .040 sheet styrene, with the ovens laid out.
Roof structure.  
Finally, I'm also working on the coal bunker, starting with the roof.  I chose to build the roof first as it will be one of the harder structures.  The sub structure is all .040 styrene with some .125x.125 strip around the opening at the top to allow for a good bond between the dog house and the roof section.
My "Plans" and primitive scale for taking off measurements
Speaking of the dog house.  I built this using a .040 sheet base and .125 square strips at all corners.  The structure is small enough to just use the .040 Evergreen corrugated sheet by itself.
Dog House innards

With Roof on Doghouse - will cut opening later, once I determine the exact angle that the conveyor will hit the structure

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