Monday, March 26, 2012


Paper part done, but more work to go.
The paper modeling part of the container crane is complete and there are scraps of paper and cardboard all over the floor of my workbench area.   The model isn't complete however.  The limitations of paper are few apparently, but railings and ladders are one of them.  They recommend building plastic railings and ladders to fit the three platforms on the model and paint them yellow to match.  One other little detail is to add metal looking styrene rods to the container end to portray the four locking rods.   Then a few signs here and there, clean up the edges a bit, touch up with chalks, and then weather with chalks and seal.

Close up of operators cab - includes a seat and controls.  Glass is done by cutting out two of the paper cab bodies and then gluing one on each side to a piece of acetate.  The clear acetate is trapped between and by scoring the corners the piece can be bent to form the shape - the floor and four walls are all a single piece folded together.
I can't escape paper either - A customer was having a tough time visualizing a bar that they want me to build for them so I turned to my new found skills in glueing and folding paper to make a scale model.

A basement bar model in paper, mat board, and foam core.  Not pretty but will help customer visualize the proportions 
I also have found another interesting paper model of late.  Not a railroading subject but rather, SciFi - a paper model of the USS Sulaco from the Aliens and Alien3 movies.  It's very tempting, but probably would go insane building it.  There look to be somewhere in the range of 300 different sheets of paper for the complete model, with 10-30 parts on each sheet.  You figure the 15 sheets for the crane took me two weeks, so you are talking almost a years work....  

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