Sunday, February 5, 2012

HQ Part - 4

I've sort of stalled building the concrete walls that create the elevated area that the headquarters building of Raritan Steel sits on, but I suddenly got an urge today to build the elevated walkway that will conceal where the double track main ducks into the backdrop.  It was hard enough creating the justification for the one tunnel that I do have as my mill and railroad is set in the coastal New Jersey city of Perth Amboy.  (The justification for the tunnel between Arthur Kill Yard/State Street Pier and the remainder of the layout is that the railroad had to run under the built up city center.)    Using an elevated walkway, hides the transition to concealed trackwork in a reasonable manner, while at the same time it conveys a connection between the HQ building and the steel making part of the mill.    It also will add some additional detail to the main building.   Essentially the walkway connects to a small three story brick building made using DPM modular pieces.

0.060 styrene core
I started with an 0.060 styrene core and cut out two window openings.   The arched part at the bottom will represent an arched steel beam supporting the enclosed walkway.   I didn't have any masonry windows this size so I am just flipping and reversing two wood framed Tichy windows.
Fabricating the arched beam
I made the beam using .030x.080 strip glued to the face of the sheet styrene core and then added .010x.080 strips, flat, with rivets embossed in them.  The bottom flange is a .030 x .156 strip.  I also added some doubled verticals at both ends.
Finally I added some Plastruct brick sheet, some .010x.060 headers and sills, and a simulated standing seam roof of .030 sheet and .030 square strips.

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