Monday, February 13, 2012


Weathering of Towers Under Way
Quick update - Spent some time weathering the final coolers/benzol washers this weekend.  Getting very close but not 100% where I want them to be.   With a base coat of Floquil Grimy Black over gray automotive primer, I first applied multiple washes - black first and then some rust colors.  I used gouache paints mixed with water, blending the colors from mostly black, white, and raw sienna.   Gouache paints when thinned work well for building up subtle coloration.   They work well on freight cars, however, on larger surfaces like the subject of this blog, it is harder to keep the washes consistent and uniform.  To eliminate some of this variation I got out some weathering chalks and first, using black to mute the colors a bit, and then a variety of rust colors.   These vessels would be hot and thus when wet, rust pretty quickly, especially in the lax maintenance environment of the Amboy Coke Plant.   The lamp shades are a cream color and there is some silvery gun metal Vallejo paint on the valve handles,..etc.   The base is a concrete color - I am trying out a new mix -  Testors Model Master,  White, Gull Gray, and Sand in even proportions.
Another View - You can see the scale of these things by comparing them to the Atlas  Tower just behind them

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