Friday, February 3, 2012


Shortly after my last post, the winters blues I was talking about got a bit worse.  An old heart rhythm problem that I thought was in my past, came back, and I ended up spending a few days in the hospital.   I took this photo of my monitor in the ER

Houston We Have A Problem

 That is not how your EKG should look, and it shouldn't have a little red label next to it saying ATRIAL FIB.  The rate of 114  bpm was a low number, which is the only reason I was steady enough to take the photo - it was averaging in the 140s and going as high as 170.  Besides the speed, the real problem is the irregular rhythm.   The skillful application of some high-voltage, or maybe high amperage - not sure, restored things to order.  No, I wasn't awake for it - they slip you a mickey first (the Doctor said it was the same stuff Michael Jackson shot up every night - I didn't really know how to take that statement).   But, after a short stay in the hospital I'm back home and doing fine physically.  The episode was a wake-up call to make a lot of changes in my life.   Most importantly I need to reduce the amount of stress in my life as the best I can figure this was the cause of this malady for sure in the past and lately I had been feeling similar levels of stress.  For me, nothing better for easing stress than working on trains, unless of course  you are trying to mount a Tortice switch machine from under the layout - trying to get the actuator wire through that little hole in the switch throw.

 Doctor's orders to take at easy until monday are blowing our weekend plans with the   Capitol Free-mo group at Timonium, MD.  Jimmy is especially disappointed, but understands.  On the up side we will still spend the time model railroading, just working on our layout.

I decided to install non-operational lights on the benzol washers.  To make these I started with some 0.019 brass wire, Grandt Line lamp shades, and a special pair of pliers that will bend the loop needed for the light post.
Grandt Line Lamp Reflectors
I bent the wire and attached the Lamp Reflectors with CA glue.  After drying I cut the stems of the lamps so they were 9' tall overall.  I then glued the lamps to the washer complex.  In the end I added about 20 lamps to the structure.

Lamps Ready to go

Lamps added to stairs and tower tops


vince altiere said...

Very sorry to hear about your mediacl problem, but glad to hear you seem to have things corrected.
Stay well.We need you. And you're right-nothing like a little modeling to relieve stress and foget(if only temporarily) the rest of the world.Stay well.
Vince Altiere

vince altiere said...

Please ignore the errors in my previous post!!! I can spell very well-but I can't type woth a damn! Proof reading?? What's that??

Vince Altiere