Friday, December 2, 2011


More or less a finished product,...     Still going to add some sort of electrical conduit and a junction box or two along side the caged ladder.  Switched up this time and used the Tichy caged ladder over the Plastruct.  I'm not sure why I shied away from these before but they look much better than the heavy Plastruct models, abet a little harder to build.   Using the Tichy also allowed me to angle the bottom 20' of the ladder in a seamless fashion like the prototype, with I think very good results.  The Tichy is also cheaper, plus you get railings, stairs, and other parts on the same sprue.   The usual round platform work ensued, along with some rod materials at the top of the structure and boxy equipment boxes just under the top platform, serviceable from the lower platform.  I also added a second pipe to the base with a lid and hex rod slices as bolts - this would be used as some sort of service door.
Bleeder Tower

We were working outside this past weekend and in the process of moving things around and came across a portion of my old brick collection.  My kids were amazed that I used to collect bricks back during my college years and I think in their eyes my dorkiness level was raised to all time high.  Some relation to the steel industry as many of the bricks are fire bricks collected in the Perth Amboy, NJ area.  Steel mills were a prime market for these clay industries.
Part of my brick collection 

I also received an early Christmas present in the form of some beautiful ladle castings from Brandon Wehe.  These are truly fine castings and are no comparison to my nascent attempts at producing commercial resin castings.  These ladles will find good use in my open hearth.
Ladle Castings by Brandon Wehe

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