Sunday, November 13, 2011

S.S. VALHALLA - Part 5

An old Mainline Modeler magazine I bought at TImonium got me thinking about the Valhalla again, specifically some of the deck arrangements,...etc.     First however, I had to take care of some basics - first the anchor chain holes had to be drilled, along with holes for the various crane posts.

You can see anchor and anchor chain holes at very front of vessel.  Other, larger holes , are for the crane poles.
You will also notice that I have finished all the angled supports between the deck and the hull sides.  Then I turned my attention to the hull sides - adding the rivet bands that will give the ship the affect of a riveted hull.

Banding on sides is .020x.188 styrene strip with rivets embossed
Finally, I started installing some of the crane posts.

Posts are 5/16" tubing

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