Sunday, October 23, 2011

Some More Bethlehem for Now

The trip was a nice break but right back into the work grinder.   So for now, just a quick post and a few more Bethlehem photos.
Machine Shop #2
A few corrections to my last post -

*The purple furnaces were for the cure cancer month
*The terrain around the Lehigh Gap I talked about it being more rocky and barren - thanks to years of emissions from the NJ Zinc company in Palmerton.   (Note- they make this stuff in PA far from NJ, but my home state still gets blamed anyway)
*No "jackhole artist" was responsible for the Chinese Character on the building but rather it was "Jackhole Hollywood" people when they were filming the transformers there.

Cranes near Steel Stacks Entrance 
Notable this month -

Randy Costanza's Coke Works was featured in the recent Great Model Railroads .  Congratulations Randy.

Also, both the November issue of Model Railroader and the November issue of Railroad Model Craftsman both had good waterfront railroading articles.  And the RMC had a good article on modeling Susquehanna RS-1's.

Blowing Engines from outdoor deck at Steel Stacks

Work continues on the railroad - wiring and scenery mostly, although getting back to a few steel things.

Holy Powerlines Batman!
Lehigh Heavy Forge

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