Monday, October 31, 2011

Free-mo ing at Timonium

We were back in Timonium this weekend with the Capitol Area Free-mo group.   The set-up this time included about 7 or 8 modules.  Most were in the semi-finished or finished state so overall I would say the   overall layout looked the best it has ever, and a far improvement from last October.   The electronics are improving and we are able to break the whole thing down fast - less than a half an hour.  With the snow on Saturday and the MER convention going on it appeared to me that the show had light attendance.   Also, along the lines of better organization, we had a run chief that arranged the modules and also set-up our first organized operating session.

Some photos from the weekend:

Mostly a straight line setup with a few minor turns.
Pipe Foundry Module in center, blast furnace off to right.
Moving a cut of bottle cars from the blast furnace to the BOF
Slag cars need to be moved to dump
Bottle cars holding next to large bag house (unfinished) on Pipe Foundry module

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