Monday, September 5, 2011


We have just returned from the 2011 Steel Mill Modelers Meet, after a short detour on the way home to Cape May to help my brother move.  It's late and we've just unloaded our luggage, purchases, models, and modules so the text will be brief for now, but followed during the next few days with additional posts describing the entire event.

For now, photos of my son Jimmy's two Steel Mill Free-mo modules - (he is standing in front of my US Pipe module - his blast furnace is located off to the right)  He is pushing a string of slag cars upgrade to the slag dump.

Jimmy's Walther's Steel Mill.  He purchased this model three weeks ago - built and painted it in time for the show.  Because of it's arrangement on his module, he was unable to use the kit's skip hoist and instead opted for a modern conveyor fed furnace.  The conveyor is left over from this modules previous incantation - the cement plant.  

Plenty of other fine modeling there - Mike Rabbit won the Dean Freytag Award for his superb Sinter Plant Model

And Eric Craig's working skip hoist on his under construction steam era blast furnace

Plenty of more fine modeling to report on  - stay tuned.....


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