Saturday, August 6, 2011


Still taking a step back from the mixer debacle, I've been working on my iron foundry a bit as well as a few other projects. Sometimes these projects take a life of their own very quickly - for example - I spent a few hours this afternoon watching a movie and looking through the Morning Sun Steel Mill Railroads book - Volume 1. There are two photos in that book of a unique transfer caboose used by the MonCon Railroad during hot metal moves at the J&L Plant in Pittsburgh. I've thought of building it a few times for the same use in my mill, but for whatever reason, I went to the workbench and found a junker caboose that I could use the steps and underframe, abet shortened, as the basis for a copy of the MonCon car. I did my best to scale everything from the one close up photo in the book, but it doesn't matter a whole lot since the original car was basically scratchbuilt too. A few hours and pieces of scrap styrene later I have the semblance of a caboose, with more work to go.

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