Sunday, August 14, 2011

Death to Moby Dick!

I'm finally getting around to dealing with my white whale - the US Pipe Cupola Baghouse. I started building this monster bag house two years ago, as part of our US Pipe Free-mo module. As some of you may remember, the module and the mostly scratchbuilt structures on it were a one month rush job. At the time of first display, many of the structures were unfinished or had basic paintjobs. The worst was the baghouse, which remained a basic styrene framework and structure. It was displayed as a work in progress with the intention of a more complete structure by the next time the module was displayed. Now two years later and five displays or so later things remain the same.

So this weekend I pulled out the elements of the pipe foundry and am determined to improve on some and finish others in time for the Steel Mill Modelers Meet in three weeks. On the baghouse - which is technically 27 individual baghouses, I've added the remained of the diagonal bracing on the under side of the platform and am now adding the input plenums for each baghouse . The modeling ahead isn't hard, just repetitive. I've also included a photo of a mini table saw I picked up for $40 at Harbor Freight. I'm not thrilled with the teeth on the blade so I'm looking for an improved blade, but otherwise the tool is relatively sturdy

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