Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My original plan was to scratchbuild a stone type structure for the iron foundry, however, realizing I'm already scratchbuilding more than I can handle right now I started thinking kitbash. I looked at a few European kits but they didn't have the look I wanted. The Walthers discontinued Vulcan kit would have worked but it has smallish windows and a two level appearance. I ended up settling on the Dayton Machine kit by Walthers. This is one of their "Built Up" kits, with a $50 price tag to reflect that, although you do get two interior lights. The structure is assembled, presumably in China, however, the base is screwed on and easily separates. As I intend to model some of the interior, this was important. To make this kit work I needed to add a little height to it as there would need to be room for clearance for a crane. I added a 7/16 inch extension to the foundation. I also cut out a large portion of the base and used .125 sheet styrene to form a pouring "pit"


Vince Altiere said...

I'll be very interested what you do with this kit. I have 2 of them,still in their boxes.Have not yet decided what to do with them. Eric Allen Craig did a nice job with his.Have you seen it?

Vince Altiere

Jim Musser said...

I've seen Eric Craig's model but not in person. I'm a big fan of his work in general. I think he put a few of these together, which would have been ideal, but don't have the real estate. The basic building is pretty much what I had been thinking of doing anyway. I just need to raise it a bit for room for a crane. I am going to add a sheetmetal addition for the two cupola furnaces - the reasoning being that when b-furnace is producing ferromanganese there is only enough iron to supply the open hearths and bessemer plant, so the foundry makes it's own as needed.