Saturday, July 23, 2011


I was sitting at my bench looking at a photo of the real Ensley mixer, trying to figure out the roller mechanisms as they are different than what is in the plan drawing that I have, when I realized that I had built the bearing rings wrong. I hadn't added width to the rings for their lower 75% and the webbing was angled the wrong way. I was pretty disappointed in missing this detail and briefly considered leaving things as they were, but, it needed to be fixed in order for the roller mechanisms to look right in comparison. So I spent most of the duration of the George Clooney movie, The American, adding onto the rings and the webbing. The webbing was especially difficult as I needed to insert non-right angle triangles on each piece - each triangle slightly different in size too. The result is acceptable and once cleaned up should look fine. I started cutting pieces for the roller assemblies from 1/2" tubing. I also took some time to begin building up the insides of the pouring and filling spouts with body filler. I couldn't really devise a way to add thickness to these assemblies and in the end, several applications of filler and sanding will hopefully work.

I am also adding a photo of something I picked up on Friday. Sort of baseball cards for railroad buffs. From Japan, these boxes contain random scenery bases with locomotives and, don't forget, a bag of gum. I ended up with a roundhouse and two locomotives, Japanese prototypes of course.


Anonymous said...

Your work on the Ensley mixer is terrific- especially due to the number of unusual angles and shapes. When I first saw photos of that prototype
I said to myself "NO WAY!!"

Vince Altiere

Jim Musser said...

Thanks Vince, Hopefully I will have it finished by the SMMM for display.