Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I always seem to be running out of .060 angle. I quick stop this evening at AAA Hobbies in Magnolia, NJ and my supply is temporarily replaced. I need to order materials such as this in bulk and plan ahead. I think I've mentioned before how much I hate having to patronize this hobby store - there is the issue of them being part of and attached to Stevens International, a hobby distributor, and competing locally on the retail level with their smaller hobby store customers. Although I guess Bethlehem Steel did the same thing with their construction division. But the real issue I have with this store is the way they follow you around the store like you are a thief. I've been going to this store since the late 80s and this behavior hasn't really changed, even despite the fact they see me in there every week or so and I probably spend at least a $1000 a year there or more. They treat my son even worse - I guess they just assume that since he is 17 he is there to steal. I hate people like this. If they are so worried about theft they should just install a bunch of cameras and be at least discrete about it, or better yet change around the design of the store so they can monitor things better from the central counter. I've just had enough with them shadowing me around. So I am going to resolve to avoid these scum at all costs from now on - plan ahead better, order online,...etc., and don't enrich people that treat you like dirt.

The top works of A-Furnace consists of several platforms and two crane ways for servicing the bells and the bell arms. All this is part of a rectangular steel framework within the uptakes. This basic framework is strengthened on three sides by a variety of truss work. (The forth side is the skip hoist) I began by working on the side that faces the stoves. Here the truss is within the two uptakes and was built using .100 angle, some .020 plates, and .060 angle cross members. I also continued working on the railings as I proceed.


Vince Altiere said...

1.What Beth Steel book do you mean? The recent one with hundreds of photos throughout its history?
2.A suggestion-Next time,if you have to go to that store, politely ask them why they are following you or your son.Put them on the spot-I'd be curious as to their reply.

Vince Altiere

Jim Musser said...

Hi Vince,

I should have sourced the book properly - the Ann Barholomew/Donald Young book, Bethlehem Steel in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I believe we have talked about it before and I think you have it. Between that book and the Yeakel Book on Beth Steel Railroading I've been able to piece together what happened where and how at Beth Steel.

Good point on the store situation. Please don't take offense but that is clearly an NY/NJ italian way at viewing that situation. My wife being one of those said italians would have done exactly that, although probably not the "politely ask" part - it would have been more along the lines of "can I help youss?" or "what are you looking at?" or worse. My WASP upbringing leaves me ranting to anyone that will listen to me about the situation, other than the people causing it, and then a strict boycott that will go completely unnoticed by all those concerned. Clearly your direct solution is much better as the situation would have been resolved one way or another then and there.


vince altiere said...

1.That's the book.I have both and they are very good.
As you say betweenthem them is plenty for the modeler who wants to do that mill(or at least parts of it).
2.No offense-but may I disagree. Rather than my Italian heritage,one of my family members tells me I need "anger management" in my old age(I'll be 63 in August).I get a bit loud when like last nite at a local diner, I had to ask THREE TIMES to get the order straight.Or when Iget telemarketing calls from the same outfit two days in a row.Oh well.
P.S.-tell your wife I've never said youss or youse or whatever.Neither have other Italian-American friends of mine. It might be a Brooklyn or Jersey City thing-or maybe too much b.s. on television.
Vince Altiere