Monday, June 13, 2011


Continue to work on top works of A-Furnace. Adding platforms and railings per photos and Mike Rabbit's plans. Also fabricated large and small bell arms and linkage using some scrap plastic and brass. I think I will keep plugging away at this for now, try to work my way top-down on A-furnace. I'm also reworking the non-blast furnace portion of the "Lower Mill". Currently the only major structure in this area was the electric melt shop. This facility will be slightly expanded, but I also will be adding the following - sinter plant, machine shop #2, a forge, a heat treatment facility, a foundry, and machine shop #6. Much of these structures will be based on Bethlehem practices that were detailed in that latest Canal Museum publication. This portion of the lower mill will add quite a bit of operational variety to the overall mill.

To review some preliminary process flows in my mill as modeled

Coke - Small coke works plus off-line coke received
Limestone - Brought in from off-line, except for open hearth plant - small dolomite processing facility connected to quarry by partially modeled aerial tram. Dolomite processing building connected to open hearth via narrow gauge
Ore - Some off-line but most brought in on ships transferred to captive ore jennies or hoppers at port and moved to mill. Possibility that a car dumper will be modeled if there is room.
Iron - Blast Furnaces A and B iron to open hearth, bessemer plant, pig caster, or foundry
Steel - Bessemer two furnace unit primarily to supply pipe mill with ingots
Open Hearth - 12 large furnaces
Electric Melt Shop - speciality steel for stainless mill, and forge
Primary Mill - Stripper, Soaking Pits and Blooming mill (partially modeled) mostly steel from open hearth
Secondary Mill - Pipe Mill, Stainless rolling mill right now, need to find room for structural or strip mill too.

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