Sunday, June 5, 2011


With most of the major disruptive remodeling work finished, I've started to think about trains a little in the past week. Don't get me wrong, I still have a long way to go with the home remodeling, but I will be able to start devoting more time to the layout and steel mill projects. Standing in the basement surveying the layout, the predominant colors and either wood, from structures or mostly the benchwork, and the white styrene of all the semi-build structures. Taking inventory, the port and the coke works are the closest sections of the layout to some sort of finished state, but even there, both still need plenty of work. A and B furnace are both partially built and only about 25% of the highline is built. Given that these two structures are the most dramatic overall I am going to try to devote a bit more time to them. The last time that I worked on A-Furnace was July of 2010.

There are a number of walkways, platforms, and stairs to build on the blast furnace upper works. I am starting at the top and working down with the stairs and platforms. I've also finished the last section of downcomer and have attached this section to the upper works so I could work with it on the bench. You can see the initial work on the railings and platforms and stairs in the photo.

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Anonymous said...

Great work Jim! I continue to be amazed at your craftsmanship and modeling abilities (as well as your home improvment skills)! A furnace looks awesome, and that isnt even the word to describe it!