Sunday, April 3, 2011


With the basic spout shape vac-formed twice using .060 plastic, I started first with the pouring spout. This spout sticks out further then the filling spout and comes to a sharper point. I used the drawing to estimate where to trim the plastic back to fit and used a junk piece of Rix tank shell to sketch the curvature on the side of the piece. I then cut along this line and sanded the edge for a tight and square fit. Once I was satisfied with the fit I took a piece of .015 sheet plastic and held it against the mixer body and glued the spout to that. (don't glue to actual mixer, just use as a backer for procedure). Once dry, draw a line about 1/8" from the spout on the sheet plastic and trim and sand so the sheet creates a flange on the spout. Trim the inside of the sheet similarly, maybe a bit more as the inside of both spouts will have a lining like the prototype. Hold the spout assembly to the mixer and before permanently attaching, use a Dremel to cut out the mixer where the spouts will attach. Install the spout. The fill spout is similar, but needs to be cut different as it doesn't project as much, is closed, and is much wider than the pouring. After glueing on the spouts I began using .015 strip to create all the rivet strips,..etc.. Lots more to do.

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