Sunday, April 3, 2011


I will need to do two posts tonight on this subject. With everything else pretty much either underway or work out in my mind, I figured I'd better not put off building the pouring and receiving spouts of this mixer anymore. I'd been thinking about how to build these things - they aren't identical, which is one problem, but the bigger issue is their shape - something like half an almond shell and then attached to a cylindrical body. Since the shape isn't exactly conical there really isn't any simple way to build these spouts other than to just carve them. I wanted to try to end up with something styrene as I would need to attach rivet strips and other things that would be easier with plastic on plastic. So, I carved a master out of a block of basswood and then vac-formed two plastic pieces from that master. The result had the right shape but still needed a lot of work. Continued in Part 6

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