Thursday, March 3, 2011


I told you I would eventually get back to steel mill modeling.   I spent a few nights applying the kit siding panels from a Walther's Electric Furnace to my mixer building.   As the core of the mixer building is 1/2" MDF I used Goo and spray adhesives to mount the panels.    I ran short a few roof panels so I guess I need another Electric Furnace Kit.   Laziness took over a bit while doing this work and instead of cutting the siding to match my original building roof angles, I just left the kit angles, figuring I could use the kit roof monitor.  While this would look good stand alone, I realized too late that, next to the Open Hearth Building it doesn't look right.  Despite being perpendicular to each other, the roof angles should be similar as the buildings would have likely been built at the same time.  The basis for the mixer building was the same structure at Republic Steel, Cleveland.  
Since it's been a little while, my open hearth plant is technically has 12 units - I'm modeling only half that and using a mirror to make the building look longer - and of the half, I'm only modeling the charging side of the open hearths - so a half of a half.   Despite only actually modeling 25% I've compressed the dimensions very little so hopefully the overall effect is of a larger structure.   Of the six hearths modeled, only three will have visible interiors.  I would have modeled all, but the narrow gauge staging tracks are hidden in half the structure.   I basically need to model just the face of the open hearth furnaces as the backdrop is just beyond the doors.  I cut out three profiles of the actual masonry part of the open hearths from heavy styrene - don't forget this is only the part visible from the charging level, the actual furnace is much larger.  To this profile I added 3/16 channel and some .030x .188 strip.  You can begin to see the openings for the six furnace doors.  I haven't cut out for the furnaces yet as I am unsure as to how I will model this - probably some sort of LED thing.   

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