Monday, March 28, 2011


Still pondering how I am going to form the pouring and charging spouts on this thing. After glueing on the top of the mixer I let things sit overnight with the tape on just to be sure. And, before I forget, the mixer is two Rix water tank segments wide - but the biggest segments in the 60' tank kit. I am using plans found in the Duplexing article from the Transactions of the American Institute of Mining Engineers. These are specifically for a 400ton version of this type of mixer. I've seen variations of this type from 250 tons to 1500 tons, and of the cylindrical type - 200 to 2000 tons. In both types it appears that mostly the width changes with the capacity, although there is also a small increase in the diameter too as these things get larger.

Once I peeled off the tape, I trimmed the overhanging edges of the top of the mixer and lightly filed them flush. Next I added a 3/8" x .040 strip around the outer perimeter of the cylindrical parts of the mixer body. This is the first piece of many to create the reinforcing and running rails of the mixer. The second piece is a bit more difficult as it isn't a constant radius - the inner and outer radii are different and have off set centers to create rails that are thicker near the base than at the upper sides. I made these pieces by using the circle cutter to cut the inner diameter, and then moved the center one scale foot away and increased the over all diameter 18 scale inches. I trimmed the tops of these rail sections for the later addition of channel cross pieces. I finished the evening by starting to install .040x.188 strips to form the future webbing for the rail.

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